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Bailing Someone Out of Jail in Miami

Updated: May 23, 2023

Getting a phone call from a loved one being held in jail is never an ideal situation, but it is one that many parents, spouses, siblings, and others have faced-sometimes multiple times. If you’re willing to bail a loved one out of jail, then a bail bondsman in Miami is your best resource. A bail bondsman can walk you through the process step-by-step and answer any questions you might have about posting bail .

Obtain Important Information

This is a crucial step that many people neglect. Often, a person is so flustered by receiving an unexpected call from the local jail that he or she forgets to ask what the amount of the bail is. If your loved one is calling you before the initial hearing, then you will have to wait until after the hearing to find out if he or she will be allowed out on bail and if so, what the amount is. In addition to the amount of the bail, you will need the specific charges your loved one is being held on and you’ll need to know exactly where your loved one is being held. If you’re a friend of the person who was arrested, you might not necessarily know his or her birth date. Be sure to ask for this information when you speak with him or her.

Once you’ve written down all of the necessary information, you can call a local bail bondsman. Provide the details of the situation, along with your loved one’s full name. The bail bondsman will let you know what your options are. Usually, people opt to use the surety bond option.

Pay a Percentage of the Bail

Obtaining a surety bond requires that you pay a percentage of the bail amount. The bail bondsman will let you know the amount of your payment and your payment options. You can expect to fill out some paperwork.

Go to the Jail Facility

Once you’ve made arrangements with a bail bondsman, he or she will arrange for your loved one’s release as soon as possible. Drive to the jail facility where your loved one is being held; he or she will need a ride home or to a lawyer’s office after being released.

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